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Process Serving

Our Investigators are experienced Court Document Process Servers and Enquiry Agents, serving court and legal documents upon respondents on behalf of clients and Legal Profession quickly and efficiently throughout the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, and internationally.

Upon receipt of instructions, we continuously update our clients on the progress of the service as often as their requirements dictate, updates can either be provided at every key stage or we can adhere to bespoke instructions on a send and receive basis whereby documents requiring service are forwarded, our process server will effect service and swear the documents, these of course will be sent back to our clients.

We offer competitive document serving prices and a rapid response nationwide for process serving, including service of documents on even the most evasive subjects.

All enquiries and process servings are carried out in accordance with the licensing requirements of the Private Security Authority of Ireland, Office of the Data Commissioner, and the ethically policies of the World Association of Detectives.

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