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Code of Ethics

FSH Consulting, ethos - our distinctive moral nature - is rooted in our five core values.

Our Standards of Business Ethics

At FSH Consulting, we know that each day our partners, associates & employees will make decisions that are critical to the success of our company in the delivery of a professional and quality service to our clients,

To help ensure those decisions meet our company’s ethical standards, FSH Consulting’ Board of Directors and management team have devoted significant time and resources to maintaining an active and robust ethics program.

Since our formation in 2015, we have maintained a Standards of Business Ethics and Conduct policy that applies to all directors, partners, associates and employees of our company.

The policy states clearly our expectation that all company internal and external representatives and employees will conduct business in accordance with the law, our policies, our values and our business-ethics principles.

It contains rules and guidance on how all directors, partners, associates and employees are to conduct business, whether dealing with clients, partners, suppliers or each other.

It reminds our stakeholders to sustain FSH Consulting’ ethical business reputation by adhering to our principles of quality, integrity, honesty, respect and fairness.

We have two extremely important facets within our policy:-

  • Prohibition against retaliation for any person/s that raises in good faith an ethics, legal or compliance issue.
  • Prompt reporting to the appropriate authorities.

We expect our customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors and joint venture partners to mirror and/or adapt ethics and compliance standards that are consistent with our values in all material respects.

We have adopted additional ethics standards specifically applicable to our Consultancy and Investigative Professionals.

The Code of Ethics for Consultancy and Investigative Professionals applies to any person or third party organisation performing services for and on behalf of FSH Consulting.

In addition, the Code of Conduct for our Board of Directors embodies the board’s commitment to manage our business in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Business Ethics Principles

Deliver on Promises

  • We are people of our word - we deliver on our promises.
  • We are responsible to our customers, our stakeholders and our partners and earn their trust every day.

A Professional Quality Service

  • We will deliver to our clients the highest standard of professionalism and quality in all aspects of our work and engagement with third parties.

Earn a Fair Return

  • Our reputation is based on our ability to deliver upon our promises to our clients and to use our values to generate normal profit for these services.
  • As we deliver on our promises, we are focused upon client satisfaction to generate repeat business.

Manage Resources Wisely

  • How we manage and expend resources reflects our personal values, our company values and determines our ability to ensure client satisfaction with the quality of our services.

Offer a Fair Deal

  • We offer our clients a quality services at a price that is reasonable and affordable.
  • We make hard decisions and tackle tough choices to ensure that our clients have confidence in our ethical responsibility.
  • How we approach these decisions reflects our values and commitment to our clients and our partners.

The FSH Consulting ethics program provides many resources to help our stakeholders deliver upon our ethical principles.

Day-to-day oversight is provided at our head office by an ethics manager. Overall leadership is provided by a chief ethics officer who reports directly to the Chairman and CEO on all matters of ethical policy. The ethics officer briefs the Board of Directors twice a year at regularly scheduled meetings.

In addition, the policy is managed as follows:-

  • Distributing the Policy and conducting orientation for all directors, partners, associates and employees ;
  • Developing procedures and work rules that govern business conduct;
  • Ensuring that all directors, partners, associates and employees receive periodic refresher training regarding our ethics program and any specific topic areas that are critical to the performance of their jobs;
  • Responding to questions about interpretation and application of rules and policies;
  • Providing advice and guidance to help directors, partners, associates and employees resolve ethical dilemmas and make decisions;
  • Receiving reports of stakeholder concerns regarding ethical matters; and
  • Conducting and overseeing prompt, thorough and objective investigations of all reported allegations of suspected ethical misconduct and taking corrective action, if necessary.

In addition to communicating our standards in our Policy, the ethics program also helps sustain our reputation by detecting and addressing unethical conduct early.

Our program includes a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day- a-week, confidential Business Ethics Helpline.

Internal and external stakeholders can contact the helpline via our website- professionalethics@lyndhurstsecurity.ie to communicate any business ethics-related concerns or seek guidance on inquiries.

Stakeholders may remain anonymous if they wish. All matters are investigated and resolved promptly and in full confidence.

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