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Missing Persons

There are many reasons that people go missing and the efforts to find them, is dependent in the eyes of law enforcement and other agencies upon their age, mental wellbeing and personal situation.

The priority of FSH Consulting is always to find the individual, and determine their status or health, and our team of professional and experienced investigators will provide you as our client with a current address and medical status for the individual you are seeking, anywhere within Ireland, United Kingdom and internationally.

Naturally, the more information about the individual that can be provided will increase our chances of success and a happy outcome for all parties.

We trace persons who are either missing or sough, including missing heirs, old friends, lost relatives, debtors and generally find people whom other Investigators cannot find.

FSH Consulting will provide detailed investigation reports and attend Court as your expert witnesses if required.

All missing persons investigations are carried out in accordance with the licensing requirements of the Private Security Authority of Ireland, Office of the Data Commissioner, and the ethically policies of the World Association of Detectives and are treated in strictest confidence with the principal.

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